Biomedical research is losing trust from the people it’s working to heal. That’s a big problem.

As inoculations begin, it’s important to remember that we passed up on the solution we had in March.

UPI Photo/Vincent Laforet/Pool

On September 9, I set off, alone, on a journey that will take me to Arizona and beyond. Here’s how it went.

My route, courtesy of Google Maps

Instead of college this year, I’m driving across the US. Here’s how that happened.

I see dozens of articles attempting to entice beginners. This is one of those — and here’s why.

Ill-informed planning and shameful pricing has exposed a hierarchy of priorities for U.S. colleges. Students aren’t on top.

A student on the campus of Harvard University on July 14. Photo: Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images

A Yale rejection tormented me for months, but for what? College acceptances don’t correlate with happiness — it’s psychology.

Sellers Hill

Sellers Hill is freelance writer, photographer, and member of the Harvard Class of 2025 from Wilmington, NC.

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